We have never been able to have so much control over masking out dark teeth and creating a consistent color across all of your teeth than with Composite Resin Veneers.

We now have an unprecedented level of control in concealing discolored teeth and achieving uniform tooth color through the use of Composite Resin Veneers. The advantage lies in the direct application of the composite material onto your teeth, enabling us to instantly assess if the dark teeth are adequately masked. This process presents a challenge with porcelain veneers since they are fabricated externally, making it more uncertain. Additionally, teeth whitening products often fall short in achieving this outcome, making Composite Resin Veneers the optimal choice for a flawless smile makeover.

Our smile design process provides an exclusive ability to perform a comprehensive smile makeover by harmonizing and balancing the teeth, gums, and lips through a unique gum lifting procedure. Unlike traditional cosmetic gum lifts that involve surgery, sutures, and extended healing periods before porcelain veneer placement, our approach integrates the gum lift seamlessly within the overall procedure, eliminating the need for separate visits.
The remarkable properties of composite resin allow for extremely precise margins, measured in nanometers, where the material meets the tooth. This ultra-fine margin size prevents bacteria from inhabiting such minuscule spaces, promoting a clean margin and reducing the risk of gum tissue inflammation.
In contrast, conventional porcelain veneers typically result in larger margin gaps measured in micrometers, providing ample room for bacterial colonization and potentially necessitating a separate surgical procedure before veneer placement.

Our innovative Composite Resin Veneers effectively address the issue of gaps by effortlessly filling them. With the direct application of composite resin onto your teeth, we have precise control over filling the gaps, ensuring a harmonious smile with proper proportions. Our process offers the ultimate solution for achieving a seamless smile, eliminating the necessity of seeking treatments like Invisalign or traditional braces. By correcting the gaps without the need to reposition your natural teeth, our approach provides a convenient and efficient alternative.

You are an ideal candidate for our smile design process! Our Composite Resin Veneers can be utilized to replace outdated veneers, crowns, or even recently placed veneers. Patients who have undergone this transformation often express how their teeth feel remarkably stronger and exhibit a more natural appearance compared to their previous veneers or crowns.

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Repairable and Polishable

While our Composite Resin Veneers are highly durable and can withstand most everyday activities involving your teeth, it is important to note that, like anything, they are not completely impervious. Although it rarely happens, there is a possibility of chipping or breaking, just like the natural tooth structure. Thankfully, one of the advantages of composite resin is that it can be easily repaired in a single visit. On the other hand, porcelain fractures necessitate the complete replacement of the veneer, involving multiple visits and extensive drilling on your tooth. Interestingly, based on our extensive experience, we have observed a higher incidence of chipping and issues with porcelain compared to composite resin.

Color and Longevity

Studies show that, on average, porcelain veneers need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years. Our preferred material, sourced from the reputable company Cosmedent, boasts 100% color stability. Rest assured, an Alec Hall Esthetics smile makeover using our composite resin veneers is incredibly durable, rivaling or even surpassing porcelain in strength. We are confident that you will be absolutely delighted with your new smile, with the only potential regret being that you may wish you had pursued this transformation sooner!


While it is worth mentioning that no patient has expressed the desire to do so thus far, it is important to note that our process is technically reversible. Since we do not remove any tooth structure during the procedure, it is possible to remove the composite resin, restoring your original teeth and reverting your smile to its previous state. Although most patients would not entertain this option, it can be reassuring to know that it remains a possibility, should you ever wish to pursue it.

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