Cavity/ Broken Tooth

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We don’t do metal or amalgam fillings anymore at Hall Dental. We use natural, tooth-colored materials to repair your teeth. These are highly esthetic and many times you won’t even notice they are there. We can even bond front teeth that have chips to make them look brand new!

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Full-Coverage Crowns in One Day

Sometimes you may have a tooth that has broken or has a big cavity. These typically need something a little sturdier than a filling so we offer full-coverage crowns. These crowns are made of incredibly natural looking ceramic materials and are able to hold your teeth together with impressive strength! In the past, you had to come for multiple appointments and go with a temporary crown for weeks. Now, we are able to digitally scan your mouth and make your crown in one appointment!

Pain-Free Fillings!

If you hate getting work done because you don’t like needles or don’t like the feeling and sound a drill in your mouth, we understand! This is why we offer Solea Laser treatment for cavities. This laser, many times, is completely painless and does a great job of sterilizing the area so you can be confident in your new filling. If you would like to know if this option will work for you, contact us at or 706-549-8737.

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