Checkup and Cleaning

Preventative Care

Comprehensive Check-ups

We give all of our patients at Hall Dental the same level of thorough and excellent care. Whether you have several concerns or none, we will do a comprehensive exam consisting of checking your teeth for decay, checking the health of your gums and bone and screening for oral cancer. We will then discuss your personal treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. We have treatment options for the whole family.

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Fluoride Treatment and Preventative Solutions

We believe in doing everything we can to promote optimal oral health with our patients. We don’t want to see you every few months for fillings, we want you to be proud of your healthy smile. To this end, we recommend all kinds of preventative care options such as fluoride, xylitol and hygiene. Believe it or not, there are a lot of simple ways to keep your mouth free of cavities beyond just brushing your teeth!

Regular Cleanings

We tailor your cleanings to your specific needs the same as your treatment plans. Your treatment care coordinator will discuss with you how often and what level of cleaning you will need based off the comprehensive exam done by one of our dentists. These cleanings are done based off of the latest standards set out by CODA and OSHA to keep our patients safe from COVID-19.

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