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Personalized Treatment

We have a LOT of options for creating your perfect smile. That is why we ask you to schedule a personal consultation appointment with one of our dentists so they can give you the best options for your particular smile. During this consultation, we take photos and gather all the necessary information to give you options that can fit within your budget and also your esthetic wants!

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Teeth Whitening

The simplest way to improve your smile may be teeth whitening. Most people can see dramatic results of 2-4 shades whiter in as little as two weeks. The process is easy. Come in for a quick impression appointment and then come back to receive your trays. Your trays can be used as long as you want until your favorite shade of white is reached.

Porcelain Veneers

You’ve probably seen many “Hollywood smiles” and may be wondering how to achieve them. Porcelain veneers are the best option for modifying color, contour and shape of your teeth. Now porcelain veneers have become better than ever as they can be as thin as 0.3 millimeters while still maintaining their strength! This allows us to potentially not have to adjust your natural teeth at all keeping this a non-invasive way to improve your smile. Read here to learn more about our no-prep veneers and porcelain veneers.

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Composite Bonding

We use the latest and most beautiful composite filling materials at our office. This allows us to match your natural teeth if needed for small chips or fillings, and it allows to change your tooth color all together with composite veneers!

Gum Lift | Contouring

Do you feel like you have a “gummy smile” or your teeth look too short? We have the ability at Hall Dental to use our Solea Laser to contour gum tissue easily and without pain! In as little as fifteen minutes, your smile can be dramatically changed.

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Team Image

Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening

Getting your teeth straight has never been easier! After your consultation appointment where we determine if you would be a good fit for clear aligner trays, we will schedule a digital impression appointment. With our digital scanner, we can create entirely 3D digital models of your mouth to send to our lab. The lab is then able to determine the length of treatment and treatment costs. These trays are removable and easy to use!

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