Extractions in Watkinsville, GA

    Dental extraction refers to removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Our dentists at Hall Dental perform a dental procedure to extract a tooth that is damaged, decayed, infected, impacted, or causing other oral health complications. The extraction may involve the removal of a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on the specific circumstances and the treatment plan determined by the dental professional.  

    Dental extractions are typically performed under local anesthesia to ensure the patient's comfort during the procedure. Depending on the patient's needs, the extracted tooth may be replaced with a dental implant, bridge, or other appropriate tooth replacement option. Dental extractions improve oral health, relieve pain, prevent further infection or complications, and restore oral function and aesthetics.

    Reasons for Extractions 

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    Severe Tooth Decay

    When tooth decay is extensive and affects the inner layers of the tooth, making it structurally unsound, extraction may be the best option to prevent the spread of infection and preserve oral health.

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    Advanced Gum Disease

    In cases where gum disease has caused significant damage to the surrounding structures that support the tooth, extraction may be necessary to eliminate the source of infection and prevent further complications.

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    Impacted Teeth

    Impacted teeth are teeth that failed to erupt fully or adequately due to lack of space or obstruction. This commonly occurs with wisdom teeth. Extraction may be recommended if impacted teeth cause pain, infection, or alignment issues with other teeth.

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    Orthodontic Treatment

    In some orthodontic cases, tooth extraction is necessary to create space for adequately aligning the remaining teeth. This allows for better positioning and improved bite.

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    Fractured or Broken Teeth

    Teeth severely fractured or broken beyond repair may require extraction. In some cases, if the fracture is manageable, other treatment options, such as dental crowns or root canal therapy, may be considered.

    The Dental Extraction Procedure

    Local anesthesia is administered to numb the area around the tooth to ensure a painless procedure. Generally, general anesthesia or sedation may be used for complex extractions or on patients with dental anxiety. The dentist or oral surgeon then uses specialized instruments to loosen and extract the tooth from its socket. Sometimes, the tooth must be sectioned into smaller pieces for easier removal.  

    After the tooth is removed, our dentist may need to clean the socket and remove any debris or infected tissue. Depending on the case, our dentist may place sutures to close the extraction site. A gauze is typically placed over the socket to help control bleeding, and the patient is given post-operative instructions for aftercare.

    Dental extractions are performed to maintain oral health, alleviate pain or infection, and prevent further dental complications. If you are experiencing tooth pain, damage, or other dental issues. In that case, it is essential to visit Hall Dental at 1180 Resurgence Dr Ste 300, Watkinsville, GA 30677, or call (706) 549-8737 to determine whether a dental extraction is necessary.

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