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    Solea is a strong dental laser that substitutes for the dental drill in most of our procedures. The patient feels almost no pain, vibration, or noise while we use the device. In most cases, anesthesia isn’t even required. Solea is our way of keeping patients satisfied, amazed, and impressed.  

    Lasers are used for a range of treatments at Hall Dental. Instead of a drill, lasers are used to eliminate deteriorating portions of a tooth in preparation for dental fillings. It outperforms the more traditional procedure because the laser is so accurate that it can vaporize only the present decay while leaving the surrounding healthy structure alone. This cannot be accomplished using a dental drill. Dental fillings with the Solea laser may be performed safely on adults and children, and our younger patients adore it!

    What Is Solea?

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    Solea is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes laser energy for various dental procedures. The Solea laser is designed to replace traditional dental drills and other instruments, offering patients a more precise, efficient, and comfortable dental experience. 

    The Solea laser utilizes a unique wavelength that can interact with both hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity. This allows it for various applications, including cavity preparation, soft tissue surgeries, and gum disease treatment. The laser's energy is controlled, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues and promoting faster healing.

    How the Solea Dental Laser Contributes to Pain-Free Fillings

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    Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

    The Solea laser is designed to provide a virtually anesthesia-free dental experience. The laser's specific wavelength and energy delivery system can effectively numb the treatment area, eliminating the need for local anesthesia injections. Patients can undergo fillings without the discomfort and lingering numbness associated with traditional anesthesia.

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    Precise and Minimally Invasive Treatment

    The Solea laser enables highly precise and controlled removal of decayed tooth structure. It selectively targets and vaporizes decayed tooth structures, leaving healthy enamel and tooth structure behind. This minimally invasive approach means less healthy tooth structure needs to be removed than traditional drilling methods. As a result, patients experience reduced discomfort during the procedure.

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    Reduced Sensitivity

    The Solea laser's wavelength has a sealing effect on the tubules of the tooth structure. This helps to minimize postoperative sensitivity that can occur. Patients are less likely to experience sensitivity to hot or cold substances after the procedure, contributing to a more comfortable and pain-free recovery.

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    Enhanced Patient Comfort

    The Solea laser operates quietly and without vibrations, providing a more comfortable experience for patients. The absence of the noise and vibration associated with traditional dental drills can help reduce anxiety and create a calmer and more relaxed environment during the filling procedure.

    If you want pain-free fillings with the Solea laser, visit Hall Dental at 1180 Resurgence Dr Ste 300, Watkinsville, GA 30677, or call (706) 549-8737. Our dentist can provide more information about the specific benefits you can expect based on your needs and circumstances.

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