Tooth Pain

Emergency Visit

There are few experiences worse than tooth pain, and we understand that better than anyone! If you are experiencing tooth pain, call our office at 706-549-8737 and we are usually able to get you scheduled within the next 24 hours. This visit is typically a limited exam where we only focus on the problem tooth or area. At this appointment we will perform several tests to diagnose the problem and potentially take a digital x-ray. Once we have your problem diagnosed, we work as quickly as possible to get you out of pain.

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Root Canal Treatments

Our dentists at Hall Dental are specially trained to perform root canal treatments on infected teeth. These treatments are usually painless and have a high rate of success! This may not be what you’ve heard about root canal treatments in the past, but give us a chance to change your mind! No longer are you being sent to multiple offices to get specialized treatment.

Atraumatic Extractions

Sometimes your tooth is unable to be saved, or you just want to get it out to stop the pain. In these cases our dentists at Hall Dental are able to perform atraumatic extractions. This means we have the tools and expertise to remove a tooth while leaving your bone and soft tissues intact! The experience is painless, simple and many times you are ready to get back to your daily activities by the next day!

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